About Our Agency

We Offer a Comprehensive and Wholesome Array of Service Independently!

About Us

A standard and independent insurance company

We are an independent insurance agency based in Texas. We offer various insurance solutions to protect you from the effects of unplanned occurrences.


At Hignojos Insurance Agency, we understand that buying insurance policies is not an easy process. It can be very complicated, and without proper guidance, you won’t be able to get the value for what you have spent. This is where we come in. We help you ensure that you get full value for what you spend. We give you the guidance you need to make a well-informed choice.


As an independent insurance agency, we represent different insurance companies that offer different policies at different prices. With this connection we have, we help you compare different plans from different insurers to give you the plan that is suited to you.


We have a team of licensed insurance advisors that know all about insurance. We can convert all the convolutions that insurance is known for into simpler terms. This helps you understand them better and make the right decisions. We are dedicated to fully evaluating your unique insurance needs as our client. We then match you with the insurance company that is best equipped to meet those needs at a price that is within your budget.


With our connections to top insurance companies, we can ensure that all of your insurance needs can be taken care of in one place. We give you access to all forms of business and personal insurance, as well as employee benefits solutions.

We are committed to making sure that we find the best insurance policies that are tailored to your needs.

Our Services and Dedication to Your Security are Endless

Hignojos Insurance Agency is a firm built on dedication and commitment over a long period, and we believe every client should be an age-old friend. So, we will look after you as we would a dear friend.

Agency Affiliations

Odessa, TX Office

7211 Eastridge Rd
Odessa, TX 79765

We are proud to serve clients locally and throughout all of Texas with the highest quality insurance solutions.


As an independent insurance agency we have great relationships with many well-known, reputable insurance companies, giving you the power of choice.


Our insurance advisors have years of experience in the insurance industry and serve as your advocate from selecting coverage through filing a claim.


Our insurance advisors have a strong passion for insurance and protecting what you value most in business and in life. We treat our customers like family.