Crime Insurance

A Stable Crime Insurance for Your Business

Crime Insurance

Businesses strive to succeed, and one good way to make it to the top is to protect your business against fraud, theft, and forgery. All these crimes have left businesses in debt. Business crimes constantly result in financial crisis, and crisis eats up the strength of your brand or company daily. Before you know it, you are facing bankruptcy and are left to either shut down or start from scratch.

When you work with an insurance agent that fully comprehends the business world and the insurance market, you will save yourself, your business, and your employees. A white-collar crime looks legit until you are in trouble. Commercial crime insurance protects you from business sharks, which pose a serious risk to your business.

Crime insurance provides coverage that is not part of your business insurance. It also protects you against dishonest employees willing to take your business down. If your business is instantly hiring employees, working with other organizations, and accessing cash or credit card payments, you will be much safer with commercial crime insurance. Commercial crime insurance provides coverage for:

  • Robert, within and outside the premises
  • Employees’ dishonest acts
  • Computer fraud
  • Forgery
  • Theft
  • Safe burglary
  • Fraudulent acts by the third party
  • It might cover irreplaceable business items

Hignojos Insurance Agency will help you review the best crime insurance policy. We make certain that you are in safer hands and that your company is fully protected against crime risk. We can also tailor an insurance policy to meet your business needs.

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