Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Why You Need a Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

The expense of compensation claims filed against directors and top managers (officers) of your company for alleged wrongdoing is covered by directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, or D&O insurance.

Hignojos Insurance Agency offers a reliable range of directors’ and officers’ liability insurance coverage plans to help the authorities in your firm scale through in your time of need. D & O Liability Insurance coverage can pay for the expense of compensation claims brought against directors or key management by shareholders, investors, workers, regulators, or other parties if your company has any of these positions.

Directors and officers have obligations, authorities, and duties typically outlined in their job descriptions or standards of reference. A director or officer of your firm may face civil, criminal, or regulatory action if it is discovered that they acted outside the bounds of their authority.

The expense of fighting against these claims is covered by D & O liability insurance and any compensation costs associated with a losing defense.

Directors run a higher chance of being unable to defend themselves if they do not have insurance against disqualification from the office of director, civil litigation that may result in high legal fees, awards for damages, or criminal prosecution.

When there is no claim of wrongdoing against a director, directors’ and officers’ liability covers defense expenses resulting from criminal and regulatory investigations into your organization.

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