Earthquake Insurance

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Earthquake Insurance

If you have witnessed the effects of earthquakes, you will be familiar with their destructive nature. When earthquakes happen, they cause a massive loss of property. Your house and the valuable belongings within it are all at risk. The same goes for your vehicles.

A standard homeowners’ insurance policy does not provide coverage against destruction caused by an earthquake. The costs can be covered if, during an earthquake, your house sustains damage from fire. Your vehicle may be covered if your auto insurance specifically covers damage caused by an earthquake.

Living near fault lines can put you at great risk of great loss if an earthquake hits. You will need to be protected by earthquake insurance to help cushion the financial tremors associated with the aftermath of the disaster. Even if you don’t live next to a fault line, you cannot be too careful; an earthquake insurance policy might prove valuable.

At Hignojos Insurance Agency, we understand the magnitude of the problem of earthquakes. We are here to help you ensure you do not get saddled with too many costs. We will help you get the best earthquake insurance policy suited to your budget. The price of insurance can vary based on your location, the value of your home, and what kind of materials used when building.

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