Employee Assistance Plan

Care For Your Employees' Emotional Well-being with A Strong Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Plan

Employees must be in a good headspace to be optimally productive at work. For different reasons, sometimes this may not be possible. These may include bereavement, looming divorce or relationship issues, stress, substance addiction, etc. These situations may lead to absenteeism or lack of focus from the people who make up the engine that drives your company.

Providing the right kind of help and support will go a long way toward clearing their heads and building their morale. The way to do this is by creating an Employee Assistance Program.

An Employee Assistance Program is a kind of intervention program in the workplace that helps employees solve personal problems, mainly relating to emotional and mental health, that may affect their performance negatively. These programs may also help employees resolve financial or legal problems.

We will help you provide an Employee Assistance Program that will significantly benefit the people who work for you. Because you have paid to set up the program, the services will be rendered at no cost to your employees. We have a network of competent EAP providers that can have face-to-face interactions or work via phone calls, online chat, or video calls. All services will be tailored to the convenience of your employees.

With the help of our employee benefits experts, designing an EAP that will promote happiness and productivity in your company will no longer be a problem. Contact us today to learn more about this service.

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