Environmental Insurance

Why You Need Environmental Insurance

Environmental Insurance

Hignojos Insurance Agency provides uniquely tailored policies to protect your business from societal scrutiny.

The cost of repairing harm brought on by environmental accidents, such as contamination of the land, water, or air, or loss of biodiversity, is covered by environmental insurance.

You will encounter many situations as a firm when your operations could harm the environment. The new world policy ensures penalizing firms known to pollute the environment without looking back at the damage left behind. You don’t want to be held accountable by your societal governance as an offender.

Your corporation can be penalized for damages caused by the current land use or the previous land usage of the location; a problem with one of your property’s holdings tanks; goods that your company transports; fire usage on your property; poorly functioning drains enabling oil to runoff into the public water supply; and so much more. The damage is different depending on the type of business you own.

Environmental insurance safeguards your company from costs for pollution that occurs rapidly or over prolonged periods, clean-up fees levied by regulatory agencies, liability to third parties, adverse claims, and legal charges.

Environmental harm is only partially covered by other forms of liability insurance. Hence, companies that produce high volumes of waste and are known to be significant pollutants in their environment (like oil and gas) ought to have an environmental insurance policy as a fundamental policy. The experts at Hignojos Insurance Agency are always ready to get you out of the murk, offering competitive coverage to protect your business’s reputation.

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