Group Health Insurance

Keep Your Team Fit and Focused with Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Employees see health insurance as very important and can influence their decision to take your job offer or to keep working for you if they already do. Health insurance as an employee benefit helps your employees cover or lessen the cost of seeking medical care.

The cost of a group package is less than what it would cost if you put together the prices of everyone. This is because the insurer’s risk is spread across policyholders. A group health insurance plan is quite a cost-effective means for staff retention by your company.

Hignojos Insurance Agency provides you with the guidance and advice you need in selecting a group health insurance plan for your employees. We can help you select a plan that offers the best benefits while staying within a price range that is affordable for you.

There are different plans to choose from, and they offer different kinds of coverage. You can pick a plan that only covers the cost of your employees’ healthcare. You can also go for one that also includes their family members and financial dependents. The prices of these plans vary based on the age of your employees or the size of your team.

Another benefit of group health insurance is that it is tax deductible. This means you can subtract the cost of the plans from your company’s gross income. A lower income means that the taxes you owe will be less.

We can help you weigh your options regarding group health insurance. Reach out to us today.

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