Inland Marine Insurance

Protect Your Assets Abroad with Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

Don’t fret over what will happen to your goods when they are miles away from home. These risks are taken for your business to progress, after all. There’s a security policy for every aspect of life and business, and Hignojos Insurance Agency is here to guide you through the complex yet reassuring world of insurance plans.

When your company property is in transit or is kept at a location other than your primary office, inland marine insurance safeguards it. It also protects highly specialized assets with a high value that are often not covered by property insurance.

Standard commercial property insurance leaves loopholes that can be filled by inland marine insurance. Your tangible assets kept at your primary business location and up to around a thousand feet away are covered by property insurance. Inland marine insurance can only be used to protect property held farther than that or transported between commercial locations.

Inland marine insurance covers commercial properties moving between sites over land; properties retained at a facility or warehouse that is not on your premises; properties stored in a moving vehicle; infrastructures that are part of a property; and high-value items kept at your permanent location.

Small enterprises may not all require inland marine insurance except where they own mobile property and can pass the underwriting standards of an insurer qualified for inland marine insurance.

Hignojos Insurance Agency always has various competitive policies and coverages for your consumption. We also have licensed risk advisors working tirelessly to protect your interests.

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