Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance Will Keep You in Business

Liquor Liability Insurance

Under the influence of alcohol, you cannot control how a person might act or the damage they cause. This might be bad for your business and cost you a lot. Without liquor liability insurance, your liquor business might suffer losses.

If you sell, serve, or distribute alcohol within Texas, insurance will help cover property damage and bodily injury claims. If an intoxicated customer gets harmed while drinking at your bar or business, they can sue your business and cause you to lose money while trying to pay for an attorney who can defend your rights in court.

Liquor liability insurance covers medical bills to treat a customer’s injury, repair or replace damaged property, and settle legal costs. When people get drunk, they can also hurt your employees or other people around them; liquor liability insurance helps cover assault and battery claims and drunk driving.

We do not wish for accidents, but not everyone holds their alcohol well. If a person consumes alcohol in your place and gets involved in an accident, your business might suffer if their lawyers can prove that the alcohol was the cause of the accident. It may appear unfair, but you could be held liable for serving alcohol to someone who is already inebriated. Liquor liability insurance will save the day when you least expect it too!

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