Long-Term Care Insurance

With Long-Term Care Insurance, You Can Cover the Costs of Treating Chronic Illnesses

Long-Term Care Insurance

Some illnesses can leave you in a situation where you will need constant medical care and supervision for a very long time (it could be years). The need for this long-term and extra care is very costly, and most of the time, we will be unable to handle it without help. This is especially true when you realize that you’ll also not be working due to a debilitating condition.

Long-Term Care Insurance provides coverage for personal healthcare costs for individuals over 65 or those suffering from chronic or debilitating conditions. They cover the cost of long-term personal healthcare and assisted living. Traditional health insurance plans do not usually take care of this, so you’ll need support for the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll be expected to pay.

It is becoming increasingly challenging to find insurers that offer long-term care insurance policies, so you might not get a pleasant experience while looking for one. This is why you need to have us by your side. At Hignojos Insurance Agency, we partner with top insurance companies that provide all kinds of insurance policies to guarantee the protection of their clients.

We will work with you to compare the available plans and how they can help you. Because it may take a lot of years before you need to access the pay-outs from LTC insurance, we can also help you look at how these policies handle inflation and how adjustments can be made. LTC insurance provides you and your family peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about this option.

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