Secondary Home Insurance

Secondary Home Insurance for Your Vacation Homes

Secondary Home Insurance

Secondary home insurance covers homes you own outside your principal abode. This could be a condo you use as a rental property or a vacation home you stay at during the summer. Insurance for a secondary house is often more dangerous compared to ensuring your primary dwelling because it covers residences you don’t live in full-time, which might raise dangers like burglary, fires, and other threats.

Some basic home insurance plans, including those for secondary homes, will include dwelling coverage; some plans also offer valuable coverage. We can help you determine the extra coverage for these plans.

We will also help you determine if your primary residence’s liability insurance can cover your secondary property in terms of liability protection. This will safeguard you from incurring a loss if someone is hurt while visiting your second property.

When drafting your custom-built policy, we consider the property’s location and any potential hazards because insurance policies for secondary homes are more specialized and only cover designated hazards or specifically listed incidents.

Secondary home insurance policies typically have more specific requirements than principal residence insurance policies. They often consist of specific events or named risks that must be listed to be covered. You will need the input of professionals well-versed in the potential hazards associated with second homes in the specified location to cover all bases when drawing out a policy wholly.

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