Captive Insurance Management

Risk and Cost Management with Captive Insurance Management

Captive Insurance Management

Many leaders are looking for alternative methods of financing their risk due to increasing insurance costs, a shortage of capacity, and stricter terms and conditions. The most popular method is using a captive insurance firm.

Your company can use a captive as a potent tool to fully manage its risk while gaining financial flexibility and security. Surpluses might also be leveraged to finance strategic initiatives across your entire organization.

Hignojos Insurance Agency can assist your company in accessing a standard captive program that supports your strategic and financial objectives. We will ensure your access to an insurance program that evaluates your needs, offers advice, and quantifies the benefits provided to your company both now and in the future by fusing field experience with market-leading analytics.

It would help if you had captive insurance that offered a full range of financial management services, including cash management, investment services, accounting, financial recordkeeping, financial reporting, auditing services, and regulatory reporting services.

We create and administer insurance programs to guarantee that your risk exposures are recognized and reduced. This means that the captive’s owner can benefit the most from self-insurance. We help with program structures and risk assessment, providing quotes for new and renewed policies, issuing policies, creating certificates of insurance, adding endorsements, and billing for premiums. The experts at Hignojos Insurance Agency can also help with your reinsurance placements to facilitate primary coverage and offer enough protection. Our captive services are customized to your industry’s needs and potential. Our licensed professionals are always ready to take the leap with you and create life-saving captive insurance management schemes for your business.

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