Rental Property Insurance

Secure Your Property, Get a Rental Property Insurance Policy

Rental Property Insurance

If you are renting out your property, the risks that are covered by a regular homeowner’s insurance policy are still there. In addition, some risks are peculiar to the landlord-tenant paradigm. While your tenant can get renters’ insurance, as a landlord, you also need rental property insurance; this will cover the gaps left by homeowners’ insurance.

Rental property insurance policies vary in coverage. Picking the policy that is right for you and your circumstances is vital. At Hignojos Insurance Agency, we ensure you get the appropriate coverage at a price you can afford.

Rental property insurance can provide coverage against events such as fire or water damage. Rental property insurance can also take care of the cost of other forms of damage to the structure of your property as long as they are included in the coverage.

Rental property insurance policies can also provide coverage for damage to any property that belongs to you within the rental property. An example of this could be furniture or appliances. If there is coverage for the event that led to the damage, your costs can be covered by rental property insurance.

Other scenarios in which this insurance can cover you include:

  • Loss of rent due to the space being uninhabitable. This may be a result of a fire, for example.
  • Tenants sustaining an injury on your property If investigations prove you are at fault, you’ll need to pay compensation, and rental property insurance can cover that.

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