Travel Insurance

Minimize Your Travel Risks with Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers the expenses and risks connected with travel. Both domestic and international travellers can benefit from this form of security.

Some travel insurance policies cover loss or damage to baggage, rented vehicles, and even the cost of paying a ransom.

Trip cancellation, baggage and personal effects insurance, medical expenditure insurance, and accidental death or flight accident insurance are the four primary reasons for travel insurance.

A traveller is compensated for non-refundable travel expenses through trip cancellation insurance. The approved reasons for cancellation will vary between providers.

Personal items lost, stolen, or destroyed while traveling is covered under baggage and personal effects coverage. It might cover protection on the way to and from a location.

Accidental death and flight accident coverage reimburse benefits to surviving beneficiaries if an accident causes the traveller’s death, permanent disability, or severe injury. Flying accident insurance offers coverage for accidents and fatalities that happen during flights on a certified commercial airliner.

Coverage is offered for annual, multiple, and single trips. Per-trip insurance covers a single trip and is the best option for travellers who don’t travel frequently. Multiple visits throughout the year are covered by multi-trip insurance, although no one trip can last longer than thirty days. Regular travellers should purchase annual coverage. It offers all-year protection.

Hignojos Insurance Agency will provide you with individual travel insurance to ensure your safety.

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