Valuable Possessions Insurance

Protect Your Assets with Valuable Possessions Insurance

Valuable Possessions Insurance

Sometimes we pay so much attention to property and auto insurance that we forget our most valuable assets—jewelry, art, and other valuables. At Hignojos Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on paying attention to your valuable possession insurance needs.

There is usually a limit on how much any single item can be covered by homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. While this is acceptable for most belongings, it may prevent you from receiving the total value of pricey objects like jewels or fine art. Valuable possession insurance ensures you receive a pay-out that accurately covers the value of your assets.

A valuable possessions policy ensures you are sufficiently covered while providing additional benefits. You can obtain coverage based on the item’s replacement value rather than a general market price. It is highly recommended to have your values appraised and to keep your insurance updated to reflect these statistics.

Homeowners’ insurance offers are highly limited in the face of valuable possessions because they always offer the option to cover accidental damage to pricey objects like jewelry or art. Valuable possessions insurance does a fine job of protecting your prized possessions in the case of accidents.

The best part is that their coverage (unlike homeowners’ or renters’ insurance) is not limited to your home.

Consider Valuable Possession insurance to protect against the unforeseen. Our prized possessions sometimes have sentimental attachments, and the least you can do is have a backup to ease your loss. Reach out to our industry experts at Hignojos Insurance Agency today and get yourself sorted.

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